Is Your Dog Home Alone All Day? 

If so, you may be wondering if dog daycare is right for them. Dog daycare is a great way to provide your dog with the exercise, socialization, and enrichment they need while you’re away.

At Fresh Paws, we offer the best possible dog daycare services in town. Our facility is clean, spacious, and supervised by experienced and loving staff.

We provide your dog with plenty of exercise, playtime, and socialization with other dogs. We also offer a variety of enrichment activities, such as training, agility, and puzzle games.

Here Are Just a Few of The Benefits of Sending Your Dog to Daycare at Fresh Paws

  • Your dog will get the exercise and stimulation they need to stay healthy and happy.
  • Your dog will learn and practice social skills, which can help to reduce anxiety and aggression.
  • Your dog will be in a safe and supervised environment while you’re away.
  • You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your dog is well cared for and having a blast!
  • We offer a variety of daycare packages to fit your needs and budget. We also offer overnight care for dogs who need it.


Our dog daycare prices are based on the number of days per week that you need care. Please contact us for a more specific quote

Service Price
A Full Play Day ( 5 to 8 hrs) $40
A Half day( 1 to 4 hrs) $30
10 play days $280 ( $28 per day)
20 play days $500 ( $25 per day)
30 play days $690 ($23 per day)
Walk $10 each time